You measure what you value.
We assume that audiences and visitors are different, somehow, after an arts program than they were when they first walked in the door. But, how are they different? What happens to people in their seats in a theatre or concert hall or as they stroll through a museum or gallery? What can audience feedback and impact data tell us about the experience of taking in art?
How are people transformed by cultural experiences and exposure to the arts?
This question cuts to the core of both policy and practice in the cultural sector. Indeed, for many companies, impact is a key component of their mission. For this reason, more and more leading arts organizations — and their funders and boards — are realizing the importance of collecting and understanding impact data.
A consistent system for collecting and processing audience feedback has applications that extend beyond impact assessment as well. Through thoughtful survey design, arts organizations can also gauge audience demographics, buyer behavior by ticket type, motivations for attending, efficacy of marketing materials, and more.
Below are just a few areas where audience survey data can be applied.

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