Intrinsic Impact is your complete audience feedback solution.
Arts organizations are often eager to collect audience data, but are thwarted by the expense and experience required. Intrinsic Impact solves this by facilitating every step of the data collection process, from survey design to data analysis. With Intrinsic Impact’s features and services, high-quality audience research is finally affordable and available for arts organizations of every size.

The Survey

No more struggling for the right question to ask. With Intrinsic Impact, you’ll have access to WolfBrown’s industry-tested survey protocols, a result of a decade of research in the impact of arts and cultural participation. Enjoy a library of carefully thought-out questions from which to choose, plus the flexibility to customize questions for your organization’s needs and interests.

The Dashboard

The Intrinsic Impact Dashboard is the only data reporting and visualization tool designed specifically to handle audience feedback for theatres, symphonies, and other arts organizations. As survey responses accumulate, your dashboard will become your go-to resource for audience information, empowering you to make sound, evidence-based decisions to guide your organization. And if you’ve done any surveying in the past, our software can handle your historical data too, allowing you to compare survey results across all of your seasons.

The Support

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional commissioned study, your audience research efforts will benefit from the expertise and experience of the research professionals at WolfBrown. Let us handle all of the back-end work, survey writing, and dashboard programming, freeing you to focus on other important aspects of running your arts organization.

Real-Time Results

Make impact assessment a regular part of your routine. With online surveying, responses are loaded into your dashboard as soon as they come in, allowing you to see and explore results immediately. Just log into your dashboard each morning to see what audiences said about last night’s program.

Superior Functionality

With tools to handle both quantitative and qualitative data, a built-in word cloud generator for open-ended responses, and the ability to compare multiple surveys side-by-side, Intrinsic Impact is the preferred audience feedback solution for arts organizations around the globe.

Ready to measure your impact?