Survey Design

Let us design the right survey for your organization using our library of industry-tested survey questions based on nearly a decade of research on the impact of arts experiences on audiences.

Custom Reporting

Enjoy a fully customized dashboard to visualize your data and report your results. Compare and cross-tabulate multiple surveys side-by-side and drill down through survey data with ease.

Real-Time Results

Explore audience feedback as it comes in. Log into your dashboard anytime to see up-to-the-minute survey results, or gather your team each morning to review the results from the previous night’s program.

Expert Support

Build your staff’s capacity to utilize audience data, while enjoying full support from the team at WolfBrown, a leading provider of market research and evaluation services to cultural organizations worldwide.


With Intrinsic Impact, your audience information will always be at your fingertips, allowing you to easily explore and analyze your audience data and feedback at any time. Compare survey results across an entire season of programming – or even across multiple seasons – all on one screen. Know your patrons, measure your mission, and demonstrate the impact of your art to your stakeholders.
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Already Surveying Your Audiences?

No problem. Let us load the data you’ve already collected into your custom dashboard. With Intrinsic Impact, you’ll be able to visualize and explore your data like never before.

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